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the flowers are an allegory

hi i'm Eva im gay and i draw
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Jul 10 '12

fun story ok so one time in college i was visiting my grandparents for a weekend around passover and they gave me some matzah to take back for my dorm and a few days later my roommate and I and some friends were sitting around and they saw the matzah and were like “hEY WHAT’S THAT” and I was like “oh that’s matzah you don’t want any of that” but they tried it anyway and 


for some reason

they thought it was the best shit they’ve ever eaten?? and I mean like they were eating it straight out of the box not even with butter or anything and they were like WOW THIS IS SO GOOD I tried explaining to them that matzah is just a cracker but thinner and dryer and more terrible but for some reason they thought it was delicious

I don’t even want to know what they’d do if they tried challah they’d probably convert instantaneously or something

and then we would have to fight over who gets to be kyle in our inevitable south park cosplay

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  1. asfodels said: fucking love challah. almost converted right then and there in Panera
  2. warpsbyherself said: Some people really like crackers? Idek. The challah thing is totally legit, though. Because it is fucking amazing.
  3. emir-dynamite said: Apparently some people rrrreeeeaaally like matzah, it’s a known thing. I had a teacher who liked to crumble it up and put it on ice cream, although that’s not quite the same.
  4. gnimaerd said: ngl the first time i tried challah i wanted to spend my life never eating anything else. challah is SO.GOOD.
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